Sept 2017 events BFC

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Great Basin Blacksmith Guild Conference

Place: Lightning Forge (4757 Plum Street. Murray, UT 84123 )
September 16th and 17th
Registration 8:00 to 8:30 am
Demonstration begin 8:30 am
Dinner 6:30 (Included with your registration)
Remember to bring your safety glasses! 



Iron in the Hat and Auction
These help keep us solvent. The generosities you express with your donations of the items that are drawn and auctioned off generate the revenue to keep Bonneville Forge Council going.

For 2016 we will have many tongs and other tools club members made for the ABANA Conference in July as Iron in the Hat items.
The Auction will consist of donated items by club members and demonstrators at the ABANA Conference.

Iron Trade
Something forged from a railroad spike.
If you are going to participate in the Iron Trade please also bring something for Iron in the Hat and/or Auction.

There will be a gallery to display your work so bring your metal work to share with the other members. 

Bonneville Forge Council encourages Tailgating for its members. In turn tailgaters are expected to donate items to the Iron in the Hat or Auction.

Annual Board Meeting
The club membership will have the opportunity to participate in the annual State of the Club review and vote on changes to the Club by-laws and leadership. 


Lightning Forge (4757 Plum Street. Murray, UT 84123 )

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Hello Everyone,

Just letting everyone know that The Bonneville Forge Council of Utah has had to change its name.

Same great people with new members coming to every meeting.

We are now Great Basin Blacksmith Guild and are on the a ABANA affiliate 


Gaylan Veater

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