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New Forge needs some help.


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I have been doing forge work for many years and have a great coal/charcoal forge. however due to time constraints I decided to branch out into gas forge work as the heat up and cool down times are drastically reduced. after getting the materials and working with a friend to build the forge I realize now that its  going to need some modification to work as needed.


To begin with this is a double burner forge utilizing a high pressure regulator with a 0-10PSI valve. the original design was to make this forge on a pivot so it can be turned upright to be used for the large crucibles I have to do scrap recovery and smelting. 

the overall interior is 19 inches deep X 9 inches wide. 

the dual burners have a top insertion and have several air inlet holes. 

so the first issue I ran into is that the forge was getting too much or too little air. the burnner uses a .35 mig tip 

after i got the air issue resolved I was able to get it fired up and looks to be working. only a bit more dragons breath then I would like. I realize I need an exhaust port. this was built so the bottom/back can be removed for long works so i can remove that however the full opening would allow too much of an exhaust. 

so I need some help to get a modification design for an exhaust port and to find out if the design should work with a basic air inlet i have or if i need to look at a forced air inlet. 








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Move the burner nozzles back inside of the Kaowool.

Rigidize the insulation with fumed silica (from eBay) in water; a cheap way to make colloidal silica rigidizer.

Get rid of those hard fire bricks, and add a Kaowool pillow and/or Morgan's K26 insulating fire bricks (from eBay), to raise the floor level back up to where it is now.

Then add a flame face made of Kast-O-lite 30 LI castable refractory, from Wayne Coe, over the pillow and/or K26 bricks.

Use those hard bricks, K26 brick with a zirconium silica flame coating, or a round high alumina kiln shelf with a small centrol opening--to pass stock through for heating--as an adjustable external baffle wall, to allow exhaust gas to exit, while bounciing IR radiation back into the forge interior.

Then we can have a better look at a properly completed forge, and judge what your burner is doing under ideal conditions :)

BTW, I like what you have done with the steel work on you forge.

2 minutes ago, Mikey98118 said:

a zirconium silica flame coating, or a round high alumina kiln shelf with a small centrol

That should read "... a zirconium silicate flame coating, or a round high alumina kiln shelf with a small center opening..."

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Check out the Build a Gas Forge on the Forge Supplies page at www.WayneCoeArtistBlacksmith.com for instructions on how I like to build a good, efficient, tough, long lasting forge.  You should be able to build in a couple of days leisurely work.

Let me know if I can help you.  Check my profile for my e-mail address and phone # , I prefer e-mail.


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