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Austrian Anvil

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Very Nice Anvil. Without knowing the maker it would be really hard to determine the age of the anvil or its date of manufacture. It is a cast steel anvil which narrows it quite a bit and looking at the weight stamp impression I would guess Kohlswa or a similar manufacturer but that is only a guess. My Soderfors Austrian(bohemian) anvil was cast too but there is no serial number on it. Hopefully someone across the pond might know more?


soderfors and a-h 005.JPG

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2 hours ago, griffinforge said:

Recently purchased this 80kg Austrian anvil in almost perfect condition. The rebound and ring are amazing. Next step is to find out approximately how old it is based on the serial #41558. Anyone with any insight please feel free to chime in.



nice anvil !! I don't know how to date them either, I have one like it also,  that weighs in at 573lbs.  


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There seems to be a discrepancy in the information supplied above. It is stated that the anvil weighs 80 kilograms. Then a weigh scale displays the anvil weighing in at 573 pounds. This information does not add up.

A kilogram weighs 2.204 pounds. Therefor 80 kilograms should weigh 177.20 pounds not 573 pounds. Does the 80 mark on the anvil denote something else rather than weight? Or is the scale in error?

Does only 'her' hairdresser know for sure?

Seriously now, I earnestly await further developments.


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