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As our "furnace" starts with a match and kindling and the cooler is a swamp cooler where 4 places in town stock all the parts but the frame and sides; we are a bit insulated from such issues.  (I do have backup motors for the cooler fan in the shop sourced from the scrapyard.)

Perhaps this is a good indication of how "just in time" works when their are real world issues.

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31 minutes ago, Longbowhunter said:

leg vise that seemed very good shape and fully functional.

You want to open it all the way so you can see the threads on the screw better still remove the threaded rod so you can see the threads in the box.

Thread condition is really  important for leg vise value. That sounds like a pretty good price if it's in good condition.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Back from Quad-State; here’s the haul (in addition to the stuff shown above).

Tools 1: some top swages, two pairs of tongs (one from littleblacksmith, one from Dave Custer), a curved hot-set, a dual-use bottom swage, a little two-peen (one straight, one cross) hammer, and a sinking hammer.


Tools 2: a soapstone holder and a battery and charger that I *think* will fit my cordless angle grinder (if not, it’s not a huge investment).


Materials 1: a Hy-Tuf NASCAR axle for tooling and a whole bunch of antlers (I only wanted one, but the seller was packing up and gave me the whole box for cheap).



Materials 2: some brass rod, two kinds of knife rivets, and a chunk of flint.




And a couple of T-shirts.


All told, I made enough on my tailgating table to cover all but $7.50 of this. 

Plus all the learning!

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Had quite the time at quadstate. Got to meet a lot of people and mostly spent the time forging, really enjoyed it. Currently the truck is sitting not far off the ground with 5 anvils 6 leg vises, my entire forging station including forge, striking anvil, etc, much steel and wrought iron, and tools I brought for sale. I’ll have to post pictures of what all I brought back when I get home. Excited about much of it. 

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JHCC, i bought that same swage block at the estate sale. I also got one of the guillotines from them. I almost got one of the hardy shovel form they had but took the swage instead. I also picked up one of their guillotines 


From Holland anvil i picked up a tomahawk eye drift. If you notice there is some slight pitting from the casting so they gave it up half price. Pitting should not effect the use though, just not as pretty as the others. This is after a light sanding with a wore out belt. 



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18 minutes ago, BillyBones said:

i bought that same swage block at the estate sale.

Like I said, thanks for the heads-up. I've been wanting something like this for a while, but hadn't scraped together the cash for one of Holland's.

My spoon-obsessed student is going to be VERY happy.

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Very nice swage blocks y’all! 

mail call for me today, I read on another thread Frosty talking about using this Peterson’s blue flux so I ordered some, 

I haven’t done any forge welding yet so I thought I’d get some flux an start learning, I also got a couple 4’ sticks of 1/4” round mild steel so I thought for my first forge  weld projects I’d try some basket weavesF7B3B43C-F333-4972-81A0-465BF52B0794.thumb.jpeg.072d7890d85047020be0cea9a92ca32b.jpeg

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JHCC, i totally missed that at the end of your post. You are more than welcome. Bob's SIL said they are going to have another sale around April or May. He said they are starting a "Friends of Bob" blacksmithing club and whatever they will not need there will be in the sale. 

The swages that were for sale through SOFA were of his design also. He ordered them right before his passing thinking he did not have any ( the ones we bought were the ones the family found when getting ready for the sale. ) they donated them to SOFA to sell at cost. I believe that is one of the ones that Purple Bullet bought there, the Green swages. 

Thomas, not only did he have a London pattern he was having them cast along with the swages. All his castings molds were given to SOFA from what i understand. You knew them much better than i, but wasnt Mr. Cruickshank one of the founding members of SOFA?   

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I believe Larry Wood and Emmet Studebaker were the founders. I don't know about Bob, we discussed other things! 

He's the reason that my disreputable hat has horns though.  One QS we were both wearing disreputable hats, he had an old damaged top hat and I had the old felt one. Anyway in the write up afterwards they claimed we were in a contest on who had the most disreputable hat.  Getting huffy about never wanting to be linked in print with Bob; I added the horns so there wouldn't be a contest! Later on that version a friend gave me an old plastic dinosaur tail---telling me that if I had horns; I'd need a tail!  I still have the tail but it bumps the head rest on most cars making wearing the hat when driving treacherous. So it's on a shelf in my study.

I see that John can outfit a hat with horns now....

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