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It followed me home

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Homer & Jdethro used to sing a song about "We ain't got no Kosher Chitlins, got no Kosher Ham and Beans, Oy Vey please go away...."  My grandfather used to listen to them (and may still do; He's being flown to DC for a Marine get together in September; not a whole lot of the Battle of Iwo Jima Marines left these days...)

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Just got this little 218 pound (weighed on scales) anvil home.  Think it might be a Hay Budden from the bottom, but any and all identification help is welcomed.  Serial is A2486.  If it is a Hay Budden, what year is that serial number (if someone has the AIA).


Thanks in advance for ID help.IMG_8578.thumb.jpg.2bc1814ca825ccbc4b7a24a2fa74f5d8.jpgIMG_8565.thumb.jpg.2fbccee5a1ba16a5a41552ec2c477ee3.jpgIMG_8567.thumb.jpg.680865eb322caacea6639a5a9059a882.jpgIMG_8583.thumb.jpg.2188cc83074f15eb79730ccdfe44d09a.jpg


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10 hours ago, JHCC said:

Like I said, I don't get it.

Nobody can.

T W: Do you use a muffler bearing compressor or press?

Yes Thomas, the nothing around the arctic ocean is covered in trees, they're just not more than an inch or so tall.

Frosty The Lucky.


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Farmall, the haybudden chapter AinA list that serial number as made in 1918 on page 303

Frosty,     Ive found that a bar stretcher works wonders to get muffler bearings out, it uses a lot less elbow grease and doesn’t take up as much shop space. I just hang mine up with the left handed wrenches. 

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You gotta keep those AC batteries charged up on those light planes or the sky hooks don’t work!

Well imma veer off the current topic for a minute,  

   I just got back and unloaded and wanted to share my barn found bargain plunder for the weekend! 











I drug these out of a old barn/shop today,

a no name rivet forge everything frozen up on it but paid $25 usd. 

a champion midway spiral gear blower, had sank in the mud over the years but turns over smooth… well after it blew out the mud duabber nest, nice an quiet turns smooth about 2.5 turns after you let go, needs cleaned up an lord knows the last time it saw oil. Paid $50 usd 

an last but not least a fairly heavy mystery fire pot paid $10 usd

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Great finds at a very good price. The forge looks restorable and If I had to guess after looking at their # 8 catalog, it's a Canedy Otto Chicago Forge #154. The Champion blower sounds like all it needs is cleaning up and oiling. I just looked in the Champion catalog #52 and they also list a three leg lever forge #100 & #101 and the blower also should be marked.

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add Champion info
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Thanks Irondragon, that give me enough info to start searching! 

the forge will need new Babbitt poured for the blower impeller shaft, and I’ll have to find a salvage wheel but other than that all the gears are in good shape and the pan is perfect with no cracks, and I don’t think it’s missing anything but the wood handle an that’s easy enough to make. 

im super excited about the big champion blower, it’s a lot bigger than my candy ottos and Buffalos or champion 400s, it seems to me that it puts out more air than any of them! But maybe that just me being excited lol
so my plan is to use that fire pot to build my next forge for that champion to hook up to! I can’t wait to see how it is in action! 

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Thanks JHCC, I don’t really get into the reselling thing, those flea marketeers get on my nerves! 

mostly I just buy tools to use, learn and play, I turn away any resellers that come by my shop,    
      but I have do let go of tools to people who actually want to use it.
   I’d much rather the extra stuff I find that I don’t plan on using go to a good home we’re it will go back into service! 




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Thanks Thomas!
im very excited!  I spent all day yesterday eyeballing a 4x8 foot piece of 3/8” plate ive been saving and looking around my metal piles trying to see what I got laying around to build a big stationary forge using that fire pot! 
ive got a feed hopper out of a commercial chicken house that I’ve been saving to use for a hood one day, and various odds and ends ive been waiting to use until something like this came along! 

I just got the cast forge because it was there and I was there  and it was cheap lol.          I don’t know if I’ll actually rebuild it myself  or just pass it to someone who needs a forge. 

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