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Fleamarket report: 1 ballpeen, 1 crosspeen hammer US$1 apiece, 4 soldering coppers $5, small rockbreaker digging rod $3

Yesterday I helped a fellow smith pick up a band saw from an old junk filled garage, and this is what followed me home, some letter and number punches, and some old tractor drags or something, not sur

I have a smallish spalling hammer I "converted" into a straight pein and the balance isn't good. the Face side is too heavy making it darned tiring to use. I have given thought to cutting the face sid

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Iron Dragon:  Yes, I saw several threads on that on here. Seems like the major concern is that they are higher carbon, so provided that they are treated as such they can be repurposed and make for some good tongs.  So respect the working temperature range, don’t quench, and normalize after forging.  Any other wisdom?

Many of them are more modern tools - really good bosses that have been machined  To counter that, there are a couple that were forged from hoof rasps...

Before my available tools were constraining my potential projects. Now I feel like like a whole new set of things has been unlocked.  That is a good feeling - no longer in tong making purgatory...

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When you have a large anvil; having smaller tooling that fits in the hardy can be quite helpful.  I have a bick that is a whole lot easier to work arrow sockets on rather than the horn of a large anvil!

Inverse "it followed me home":  Sold the 248# PW anvil yesterday; paid off the hoard purchase loan and added about US$800 more to the shop electrification fund.  Time to pull the trigger on getting it done!

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Just when I was thinking that my quench tank could use a top-up, someone posts on our local “What do you have/what do you need” Facebook group, “Can anyone use a couple of gallons of used fry oil?”


(I answered affirmatively ahead of the guy with the SVO-fueled car.)

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11 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

Inverse "it followed me home":  Sold the 248# PW anvil yesterday;

Sometimes it pays to get it backwards! Here's to inviting Mr. Edison into your shop.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Well not home yet; but I pulled a couple of strips of sheet metal: Al, 2024-T4, 7" x 48" x .025" from the trash to recycle---probably as wax catchers for chandeliers; or reflectors for sconces.

Tomorrow I hope to have my usual visit to the scrapyard followed by some forging as the temps are only supposed to be in the mid 80's degF (29.4444 C)

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Dragged home an induction motor, I tend to accumulate these when I find them for a good price (20 euros) and near me. Got a shelf of various motors now, this one was 2900rpm (2 pole) though. Bit unusual but useful. Might build a smaller portable blower from this to use in the machine shop as a more powerful shop vac / dust collector. 

Or I will use it to drive my 2x72 grinder which is being built atm, but I have a 4kw motor too for that which I think is better suited.


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A new to me anvil, purchased from a fellow local smith who had one too many. The markings are very faint, but he's had it identified as a Wilkinson Dudley.

Only has a few dings on the face and a bit of sway. Marked at 157#, which is almost double what my current anvil is. Plus it has a horn, which my current anvil is short on.




I see a nice stand for it in a close future. Just put it on that small stump to take pictures.

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