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Naval Jelly is phosphoric acid with a surfacant and thickener. I still have some phosphoric acid in a jug but without a surfacant bubbles tend to lift the acid out of contact. I've used various degreasers before soaking but the results are sort of uneven. Maybe if I agitated it. Naval Jelly works a treat as is and you don't get funny looks at the chemical supply desk or have to deal with a serious hazmat.

Frosty The Lucky.

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On 8/26/2020 at 10:39 AM, ThomasPowers said:

baking soda

 I have always used washing soda.......and if ya use stainless for the sacrificial electrodes, you don't have to change them so often...        Life is Good           Dave

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Responded to an ad advertising an anvil for sale - ended up being just a couple miles from my house.  Nothing special for an anvil, but will be great for the kids keeping them off my good one and less than $2/lb. Had a post vise in great shape that also came home with me for $25.  The best thing that came home with me from that outing were great stories!  His father was a full time blacksmith... Being in a very small town he could hear his dad hammering away on the anvil pretty much anywhere he went.  Sadly all of his fathers tools were scattered to the wind long ago.  

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The stories are often the best part of a deal.  I still remember spending a couple of hours with an old smith who was clearing out, (yup terminal diagnosis and didn't want his wife to have to deal with selling off the shop stuff).  He had been an orthopedic smith at a local hospital during WWII, (His anvil there is still in a sub basement according to a maintenance person I tracked down...)  He had been part of a team making custom braces and splints for the orthopedic surgeons and had a lot of interesting stories of those years.   I bought my 469# Fisher from a neighbor of his who's uncle used to work in the RR repair shop downtown.  When they decommissioned their Blacker his uncle had taken the anvil home with him...

Remember a lot of these sources will not be with us much longer and it's our privilege to pass their stories on!

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I have no idea Why this guy only wanted 8 bucks US for this giant rasp but it helped me fit a set of scales on a chef's knife In doing,  and in short order.   Since I am still fairly new to metalworking tools, I'm not always sure what to look for.  


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Cruising through Facebook and saw a during the week yard sale on one of my locals pages. One of the pictures caught my eye. Sent a message as I was still in Fabulous Las Vegas NV. $40 and she would hold it for me. Jam on home and got some other goodies to go with it.


II&BC house jack, a couple of large packing removal tools which I need at work, aa new AAA grade walnut Royal stock for a K98 Maurer action, a handful of new bimetal hacksaw blades,new sharpening stone, and some misc. I chatted with her for a bit and explained what some of her other items were.  She said how about $50 on the pile, and I said I can do that. 

The vise is a 5" late model Columbian with a 70 on it which I take as 70#. 

Also met a NOG ( near old guy) who invited me over to see some of his collection of tools. Pull up to see several anvils in the yard , post vises piled in a corner, Japanese WWII artillery piece and a shorty IH METRO van among other things. He has a ( as Donald J. Trump would say) HUGE, wonderfully HUGE collection of cool stuff in a good sized metal building.  He will be one to keep tabs with. 







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Thanks Thomas. I am more of the patient waiting type, hahaha. But that METRO van does have me drooling more than the 210# Hay Budden he picked up recently. I know where he got the HB, because I had asked if it was for sale earlier in the year. At the time it was not. He is a neighbor of theirs, so he got first shot when they decided to sell.

I grabbed the vise for a friend who I am helping get started.  I found him a sweet blower when I was working in UT.  When a friend of his passed away he was given 3 anvils, one being a big Fisher sawyer.

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Found this chunk of beam and 3 chunks of angle iron curbside on the way home from work yesterday. Always feels good to beat the scrap metal collectors to the punch around here! Trash pick-up day was thrown off by Labor Day so I think everyone, including the scrappers, are still confused about when they are picking up. It's usually just the day after when there is a holiday during the week, but 2 days later and we all still have the trash at the curb! But I'm not complaining, worked out in my favor! 

Would have been perfect for the coal forge I am currently building, but I'm already too far along. I might incorporate a chunk of it somehow... or maybe use it to make one of those "portable holes" I have seen on here. 





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Yes, I have seen this before and thought about using your design (IV) as the base of a potential portable hole. I am dreaming of stand-builds in general, I guess.

My 125lb cast steel anvil currently sits on 6"x6"'s in a 1" deep offset with angle iron anchors. I like it because it was a project I did with my FIL and it's at the perfect height for me... it does ring quite a bit tho. 

My 100lbs forged steel anvil sits strapped atop a large stump I acquired after the village removed some trees that were leaning and shedding large branches into the street. I don't use that anvil much but I really like the stump haha. I believe the stump and a large chain really dampened the ring on that one. 

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