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It followed me home

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I met my dad today and he brought me in a nice haul of goods. 

This cast iron belt/disc sander frame. Ended up paying $25 instead of the $50 asking price. image.thumb.jpg.a290d37b7fa7c7d0173f1b6d4b387721.jpg


Some oil cans. 



drill index full of bits, most look un used. All the paper packs have drill bits in them. Some look like they may be for a mill. All new. Cigar box will be nice for organizing. 



3 combination squares, big clamp, tap wrench, Swedish needle file set.  Clamp is drop forged USA made. Don't remember what brand was. It's heavy duty though. 



blower, might be a nice replacement on my coal forge, maybe not. 



Some files and a screw driver or two. A nice looking bench grinder. image.thumb.jpg.58c646964a833115cfb127080bc51621.jpg



there are two boards, resin/epoxy with some kind of fiber in it. Not sure exactly what it is though.


Sorry for such a big post, it's stuff my dads been getting for a few months for me. If needed feel free to turn into its own post. Didn't think about that at first. 

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Nice haul Pr3ssure, KUDOS to your Dad. That's just a standard drill index but you'll need a 1/2" drill for larger than 3/8" bits. Boxes of NEW drill bits too! Brother you have some golden trading stock there.

Do you know how to sharpen drill bits? A medium and a fine wheel on that little bench grinder is perfect but you have to  know how. Get someone to show you, you'll go through all your bits trying to figure it out. Honest.

Frosty The Lucky.

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On 6/20/2019 at 1:16 PM, ThomasPowers said:

D8T; are you going to modify them into twisting wrenches? I like the "Ford type" ones for reverse twists as they generally have narrower contact surfaces.

Ebay as Father's Day gifts.  There's a youtuber who made a limited run of steel and brass reproductions, but I wasn't willing to pay the premium.  My wife picked them up on ebay for around $30 for both with shipping.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them.  The Ford wrench has a tight spot about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way to full open on the jaws.  I'm hoping I can clean that up and resolve it.  A cursory glance of the teeth and the thumb wheel don't show any damage.  I'll probably do some file work on the Ford wrench to clean up some casting flash and work on some dents in the lower jaw and mushrooming of the sides of the lower jaw.  After that, a nice soak in evaporust.  I'm on the fence about cold blueing it or finding a gunsmith to hot blue the wrench.  If it's functional, I'll use it for something.  If not, it'll be a wall hanger.

The smaller one opens and closes as smooth as glass.  It just has some mushrooming around the hammer head, the jaws and dent on the metal ring just above the wood where somebody was hammering on it.  I'll clean it up as best I can and if I can get it apart, evaporust and refinish the handle.  Otherwise clean it up and leave it alone.  Either way, the little one will probably end up in my desk at home or on my desk at my office.

I hadn't thought about twisting wrenches until now.  I may troll ebay for some wrenches that are functional, but poor condition for that.

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Picked up a post vise off CL for $75. 5 inch jaws. Been looking for one for a good while now. Anyway ended up talking to the gentleman for a good hour. Come to find out hes got a rare lung disease so hes trying to go through some of his stuff that he dont want to end up going to the scrap yard. When he was able he restored old cars. He ended up giving me a bunch of model T parts for free. 2 front axles a drive shaft some suspension parts and a box that I haven't gone through yet. Also offered me a large plow but I couldn't load it myself. Tried to give him more money but he wouldn't take it. Told me to find them someone that would use them and put the money towards my blacksmithing. Good guy I plan on going back just to visit sometime soon.



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Cleaning up behind my Dad's shop and found the iron tire from an old 4' wagon wheel I found on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation, outside Wanblee S.D. in the early 70's when I was working for a custom combiner. It was the complete wheel then, but all the wood has rotted away since. Is this wrought iron, how do I tell? 1 3/4 x 1/2





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2 hours ago, Les L said:

Is this wrought iron, how do I tell?

Cut halfway through and bend it over at the cut. WI has a distinctive fibrous structure that will look like a broken green twig. 


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Picked this up at the tailgating area.at the NEB Spring meet two weeks ago.  I have been looking at buying a new, modern shear but nothing they make now can hold a candle to this beast.  It has been requested that I paint a googly eye and add a fang encrusted maw to personalize it.  This will be the first time I paint an old tool.


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8 hours ago, Les L said:

how do I tell?


8 hours ago, JHCC said:

Cut halfway through and bend it over at the cut

I was informed by Steve Sells when I visited that the wheels may want to close in on the cut so be careful on the first cut. 

Nice score Lou. It's an Edward shearhands. 

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6 hours ago, Lou L said:

Picked this up at the tailgating area.at the NEB Spring meet two weeks ago

Glad I was there to assist in the ribbing... eh, excuse me, I meant respectful price negotiations.  You are going to love it!

For folks that wern't there, when Lou says he picked it up, he means that literally.  He picked it up, by himself, to estimate the weight!

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Buy a couple google eyes at a craft store and use museum wax to stick them on. Maybe draw lips with lip stick and fangs with white grease pencil so it'll wipe off. 

Personally I have no problem painting tools.

Frosty The Lucky.

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