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I Forge Iron

It followed me home

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Your a cruel and clever man Frosty  I believe I was born to play the straight man for the likes of you. It’s a fate I am comfortable with. I love your puns and creativity. Your mind seems to work in ways I can only imagine. 

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I wish, the punsters here leave me scratching my thick if buzzed close mop all the time. That's okay though, if they leave you behind you aren't as likely to get run over.

A joker values few things more than an audience and good straight man. A purse too full to carry? . . . Maybe some day.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Warning a few pictures

I took half a day off working the mill to help my boss clean out some land and got some goodies.

6 rolls of various types of barbed wire

A small lube can that might become a forge body

A larger texaco lube tube that might become a forge body

An old propane can that might become a forge body

That's it for the "small" things I also pulled what looks like a solid fuel forge out of the ground and a small bench vise that is pretty rusted together but I reckon it will loosen up with some tlc

I am pretty interested in seeing if that is a forge.







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3 hours ago, Irondragon Forge & Clay said:

Yep, it's what is commonly called a rivet forge. It needs to have the pan lined with clay to keep it from cracking. Looks like the blower is there but missing the gears & lever.

thank you I will look into it, I'm sure I can find something on it here somewhere


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Today, the replacement collet and nut arrived for the Makita die grinder I picked up for ten bucks at the industrial surplus place. How ironic that replacing the missing parts cost me more than the grinder itself!

Now to get some bits. Any recommendations?

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Been a bit busy to post this, and just got home a little bit ago, but last week this batch followed me home from a piano repair man at a biker Thanksgiving party. He said he has lots more. ;) oh yeah. 

Some old tools, piano strings, a box of piano tuner pegs and some old casters. 

He really didnt know exactly what I might be able to use so I plan to show him I can use about any of the stuff. 


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Where was it I saw something about someone stripping the paint off a Harbor Freight anvil and discovering some pretty big casting voids filled with putty?

At least with the kettlebell, it doesn't affect its function (either original or intended modification).

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I haven't had a lot come my way lately as I've been working 12 hours a day 7 days a week since the middle of September.. but I managed to just have couple items follow me home.. first is this hydraulic lift table its very heavy and the top is 24 X 32 .. the next is this old torch cart, its very unusual and I can't find another like it anywhere on the internet.. or any info on the name cast in it..  its obviously missing a part on the front adjustable pole.. its made to hold the two tanks and a fire extinguisher..  hopefully I can find more info from a patent number..    







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Bear with me for a story. My phone halfway broke a couple weeks ago so I went looking for a T-Mobile store. The map said there was one close by, but when I got there, no store. The next closest was another half hour away so I stopped in the Sprint store across the street even though I'm not their customer. The lady there was super helpful and immediately spotted the anvil on my NEB shirt. Turns out her fiance is a self taught knifemaker. She fixes my phone over the next 2 hours, during which her fiance shows up and we talk shop about forging. Turns out his anvil got stolen along with other tools and stock by a guy on his way back to prison. I am going to sell him the anvil I recently brought home at a good rate in gratitude for his fiance's help. Then he dropped off this interesting stock at my house today just because he knows I'm in a temporary house/shop and don't have much with me. The 2 by 2 square is 4140. Just reinforces my impression that the blacksmithing community has overall been a very good one so far. 



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Picked up these two steel balls and a cat’s paw from Exeter Scrap Metal in Rhode Island. I don’t have a ruler on me, but they’re about 4-1/2” and 3-3/4” in diameter; the cat’s paw is 11”.


I expect a note from the TSA, as usual. 

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Das, I look at your pile of piano wire and augers and can't help but think about a knife made by winding the piano wire into spirals of the auger and then forge welding a blank out of it as it all should be carbon steel of some kind.

JT, I am wondering if your bottle cart was used in a hospital type environment.  Something they could move bottles of oxygen or nitrous oxide around with.  Doesn't have the right look for a welding shop.

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Mr.  Jt,

Use the name on the handle, it looks to me like ***bbrink, and get to the U.S. patent and trade mark,   (U.S.P.T.O.),  web site.

Use that name to search in their "assignee" index.

The assignee index is a chronological index of patents that have been assigned to another party. I.e. the company/person(s)

That have "bought" the patent. The inventor's name should be listed along-side the assignee.

Then use the inventor's name to search a patent data base, for the patent date and copy of the document.)

For example the  U.S.P.T.O.  data base or another  one.  (e.g. Google, Derwemt, etc.).

The search is easier than it looks on this post.

Happy hunting,




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