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I Forge Iron

It followed me home

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Bryan, I was jealous when you stepped up as the highest bid.  You go a GREAT deal and I think that hammer is almost ready to go.  I was talking to Bob Menard about that hammer and he pointed out the spring between the struts in the middle and said, “whoever gets this just has to add a guard for this spring...because they DO give at some point and, when they do, the operator is the target for flying spring pieces.”  

Id love to help you out of you need any getting that thing running.  I don’t remember it having a motor...not sure what it’s reqirements are but I have ways of getting motors if you have a need (no guarantees...but “ways”).

It was great to meet you this weekend.  Kinda lost you in t(e crowd but the forging competition was fun.  Hope I didn’t smash anything you valued!

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Lou, great to meet you as well. I'm super excited to get this up and running and appreciate all the help and advice I can get. Sounds like a guard is a good idea, I'll keep an eye open for how others have done it. I'll let you know about a motor, I need to see what I can scrounge from my dad's motor shelf first. 

Dax, those tongs look like they may work well for pulling clinker out of a coal fire. They remind me of a pair my old teacher used. 

Happy forging, Bryan

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I agree, the hammer with round faces and short handle is for silversmithing or coppersmithing and would be used on sheet metal over a stump with a hollowed out depression or another form specifically for sinking into the depression.  The hammer faces would have been polished.

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Cheers guys, this place is Deffinatly a font of knowlage.  I don't smoke but I'm sure I can find a use for the tongs. That's very interesting re the hammer. My plan is to put a longer handle on it and polish up the face's. I thought it must be for something deep dished but I never thought about silver of copper work. I will have to see how it works with steel, looking at a few blow holes in it I'm 99% certain it's been cast rather then forged. 

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Heavy round faced hammers: I have a couple of ones used for setting the fire tubes in a boiler; but they are several times that size/weight.

Coal fires were used in open grates in a lot of the older UK homes, a set of tongs suitable to arranging hot bits were common over there. Pipe tongs were often smaller and more ornate.

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Well this crazy little critter followed me home today !! I'm not quite sure what its called could be a gas powered all terrain pallet jack or walk behind forklift that doesn't lift real high .. can't find a make as yet and can't find anything just like it on the net.. looks to probably be missing a sheet metal hood over the top or it..  just crazy looking ! I figured I could attach a trailer hitch ball on the forks and use it to maneuver my boat and trailer around the yard easier then using my truck it tighter quarters..








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Nice vise kuzuzu, looks French or possibly German.

On 9/7/2018 at 4:52 PM, FlatLiner said:

Picked up a block 5x5x7 of s7 steel today. Should I use it as is or attempt to harden one side to make a viking anvil?


If you don’t have a large temp controlled furnace send that sucker out for heat treating.

50 lb nice anvil.

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As usuall I don't know what I'm going to do with it but I acquired these 2 blower safety valves on site today. New cost is about £1400 each, these are scrap. 

I stripped one down. 1 inch round bar spindle, a 4 inch disk 1/2 thick, a 4 inch by 1 inch cast brass disk, the outer case is about 8 inch diameter plate about 3 3/2nds thick and the spring. 

Can't beat a site scrounge on a Friday. 





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