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Got these pieces from one of our clients. The box section is about a meter long with 6mm walls and the plate for the base is 8mm with a 4mm for the top plate.

I am going to make it into a bench grinder stand and fill the box section with sand to muffle the vibration.


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Yesterday was nice, sunny mid to high 60s so Deb and I went for a cruise. We didn't have anything in mind really, just a ride on a nice day. Well there were yard, garage, etc. sales on every road we took so we stopped. This is good yard sale season here folk want to get rid of the stuff that's been crowding them, what's melted out of the snow and it's usually nice weather.

I picked this up at two sales, the copper tubing was $3.00 and the hammers and crow bar $5.00. The drill hammer is 4lbs. my new heavy drill hammer. The single jack is only 2lb, my new "cutie pie" single jack, sledgelette? Crow bars I pick up for stock. These folk also had 3 dogs I got to love on. Good stop on a nice day.

Yeah, yeah plastic handles I know. The drill hammer feels good I'll see how it feels at the anvil. The Sledgelette feels bad to that handle will go, I may turn it into a cross pein.


OOPS! Thanks for catching it while I still had edit time Jasent! :)

Frosty The Lucky.


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Hit the fleamarket up this morning before working around the house and spending a little time with my wonderful mother 

I'll get pictures of the rest of the score tomorrow, but I keep wondering, does this wrench make me look smaller?

It is 37" long, 4" opening and has to weigh at least 50lbs.  


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As I said I'd do, Here is the rest of yesterdays hoard from the fleamarket. The pink thing is a yard stick for scale. the tongs are 40" long and hold a 6 lb. sledge head well. the drills were a steal in my opinion at $2. each and all the little bits and bobs were in a bucket for $5. Then a large top punch for $15. 

Arkie, not if I find somewhere else to use it. anyone have a 4" nut or bolt head?

Robert, sometimes I feel so old. lol. If I knew then what I know now.....

BigGun, I "think" I found it at hot topic on the sale rack lol. Honestly I'm not sure but it holds true to me as well.



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Greetings Das,

       The adjustable wrenches that are in your pile are great for making twisting wrenches. They are unique because they have the jaw end and are super for twisting round stock.. At demos and hammer ins it is my most borrowed tool.. Nice haul.. 

Forge on and make beautiful things 




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The bigger fleamarket I go to is about 35 miles from me. Tho this weekend my area will be swarming with yard sales during the National Pike Festival.  I will have to remember not to travel rt. 40. Wouldn't want to get stuck behind the wagon train. Those things are slow. Talk about backed up traffic. 

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45 minutes ago, Stephen Jones said:

theres never auctions or yard sales like that anywhere near me.. 20+ miles to nearest one and thats a rip off


There's not a lot of them around here in the north east either Stephen, last car boot I went to was in Stratford upon Avon.....with ID!

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Found this little 150 lb beauty, rescued from the dirt floor in the back of an old shed. The owner cleaned it up a bit and changed a few bolts. He also added a piece of wood where there should be a steel spacer ... :) ... I hope to do a better job soon.

Can someone tell me how are this supposed to be fixed to the bench with the bolt heads sticking out? Drill a hole in the bench? Make a purpose built plate for it? Use the same bolt holes with longer bolts? What is the role of that fin under the front jaw? 










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15 hours ago, Smoggy said:

There's not a lot of them around here in the north east either Stephen, last car boot I went to was in Stratford upon Avon.....with ID!

There is always strawberry field outside Bridlington. Or Redcar racecourse is usually decent.

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