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Some recent ironware that followed me home:

Some plastic injection moulding die parts from two batch of scrapped dies. There are more similar parts that can't be seen in the pict.They make a pretty strong a variable bending jig. 

2017 01 bending jig ifi.jpg


A 22kg/48lbs anvil for travelling. I really don't need that 114lbs with me all the time :) This baby is pretty unique, it's a cast steel anvil that the workers of a casting company made back in the socialist times, just for their own needs/fun. Has pretty nice rebound.

2017 01 kis üllö ifi1.jpg


This scrapped copper band I couldn't resist. It's perfect size for bracelets, pure copper, and 8,5 m/25 feet long. How could I resist...

2017 01 rez anyag ifi.jpg


These two rings I found and thought: Nr1 they can come handy sometimes, Nr2 they are so precious... we musts have them...

2017 01 gyürük.jpg

And about a week later I found out why I was right: you can do pretty serious damage with a 9kg/20lbs ring when applied on hot steel:

2017 01 kandallo kieg allvany6.jpg




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Fleamarket report: 1 ballpeen, 1 crosspeen hammer US$1 apiece, 4 soldering coppers $5, small rockbreaker digging rod $3

Yesterday I helped a fellow smith pick up a band saw from an old junk filled garage, and this is what followed me home, some letter and number punches, and some old tractor drags or something, not sur

I have a smallish spalling hammer I "converted" into a straight pein and the balance isn't good. the Face side is too heavy making it darned tiring to use. I have given thought to cutting the face sid

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18 hours ago, Frosty said:

Nice safe, a little insulation and some fridge plumbing and your lunch and beer would be safe in the shop. 

oooh OOH! Hide it in a wall and I'll call Geraldo! Rig a camera inside so we can get a shot of Geraldo's expression when he opens the door and sees . . . whatever we come up with for a surprise. Maybe one of Das' insects, hmmm?

Frosty The Lucky.


Lol  we could make up a giant spider that will spring out in attack mode when the door is opened. 

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On the flat copper strip:  I take some nickle silver wire I have and place a piece on each side of the strap and grab the ends with visegrips and twist (annealing if necessary) till I get a roundish rod with the nickle silver visible inset.  Looks very nice when buffed.  Been doing about 40 years now using old transformer windings and making bracelets and penannular brooches from it.  Also, I silver solder the ends when it's cut to size.

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The time frame is the Carboniferous Period, which spans the period from 360 million years ago to 286 million years ago, about 70 million years before the dinosaurs. The bottom half of this period is known in the U.S. as the Mississippian Period, the top half as the Pennsylvanian Period, and coal formed as the Mississippian Period ended and the Pennsylvanian Period started.


If you got NEW coal it might be peat.

How peat changes to coal: Pressing the peat down further in the earth gradually changed the material to coal. Scientists estimate that from 1 to 3 meters of plant matter was needed to form 1 meter of coal that we can use for burning to give us different kinds of energy. Coal formation is a process that still goes on. It takes a very long time though for the whole process to take place. Some of our newest coal is a only about one million years old…wow…just a fossil baby!


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I so,.. failed English class lol   

I hit the jackpot tonight guys! The snow is about gone so I went out to the homestead where previous generations had a work shop. Hoping to find some wrought iron.

The roof has mostly caved in so I had to do some digging but luckily some of the old Steel had covered the spot I found these items.

Found some pretty cool things I think some of you may appreciate. Did not find much wrought....

Any idea what the last set of tongs are for? 





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Man! At the first picture I thought to myself "hmmm, not too bad at all" and then the second picture came, and I thought "wow that's pretty good, and a nice bit of wrenches and files" but by the third one I was thinking "Dang, I wish I was him" and then I saw the skillets and was like "Dang, now I really wish I was him!"


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