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Linear sanding machine


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A non-smithing friend shared the following video with me, but the thing that really grabbed my attention is the little machine in the section that starts at 6:56. It basically holds the blade in a carriage that moves back and forth, taking much of the effort out of hand sanding. 


Anyone here made or used anything similar?

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I've seen similar, the surface grinder is a different configuration than I'd expect but it's maybe a home build or a century old? I've seen the rig or similar you refer to @ 6:56 used in lapidary work where a lap table is too aggressive. Dad polished a lot of semi precious stone, agate, quartz, turquoise, lapis, etc. he said jade was a PITA for it's fibrous crystal structure. When it came to hand lapping he'd sit in the living room, watch TV and use a similar guide though the stone was usually moved over the polishing surface but it worked the other way too. Say polishing large crystals, eg. quartz which can be very large. In which case the stone was clamped and the polishing material was moved. I don't believe he had a powered one though.

Frosty The Lucky.


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