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I Forge Iron

UFO (Unidentified Forging Object)

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Was at an auction recently and came across an anvil I'd never seen before. Couldn't find any markings, but house a large round base, weighs about 15 pounds, has a 1/2 in hardy hole, its hollow, and the back has a huge hole that looks like a mounting setup.  Any ideas?  I don't normally buy stuff like this buy it intrigued me and I got it for a mere 15 bucks.  Figured I can use it as a portable.



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There were all manner of combo anvil/vise/grinder/whatever machines marketed in the past. They had a brief period of popularity, until folks figured out that a machine designed to combine two or more tasks rarely does any of them well, and most of them ended up melted down as scrap. I'd be very surprised if you were able to find the missing parts to that specific gizmo, and even more so if it proved to be anything more useful than a decorative oddity.

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