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130lb Kohlswa find

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I stayed home to take my wife to the airport today with the plan of working on a few projects afterwards, but I got slightly sidetracked.

I did my morning check of the local Craigslist ads, and this anvil was posted in the previous 20min.  I sent the seller a text (not a fan, but that's what the ad said) and waited.  As I pulled up to the terminal my phone went off...it was the seller.  He still had it, would be home in a hour, and it was only 20min away.

I ran a couple of errands, then headed over to his house.  It's been used a little bit, and was pretty rusty, but I think it cleaned up nicely.

Two hours with a wire wheel got it pretty clean.  It had a couple of chips on the left side edge I dressed up, and then lightly ran a worn 120gr flap disc on the face to get the few heavier spots of corrosion off, and followed it with a unitized wheel.  I think it turned out pretty well.

The rebound is fantastic and it's as loud as you would expect from this style anvil!

Sorry the pics aren't better...was struggling with the afternoon glare.




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   That is a Golly-G man, good looking anvil. That is minimal chipping for cast steel, my favorite anvil is a Swedish 99#ER with great rebound, but chippy. Swedish anvils should come with warnings, earplugs are a must, and don't stick your nose over your work to get a close look and swing that hammer. Of course the obvious, they are very addictive. 

   If these are risks you are not something you are ready for, just give me a call Bart. I will give it a good home. 

        N.N.F.              Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA  

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Congrats! I logged onto c-list a few weeks back and saw what looked like a 80-100ish lb anvil listed 75$ cash. Was in decent shape but painted entirely red except for the top work surface. Sadly no phone number was listed and the auto-email router didn't work for me. It hasn't been re-listed so my guess is someone scooped it up instantly and the seller edited out the phone number but left the ad up in case the buyer didn't show. Someone got a great deal.

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Thanks guys...I paid just under $4/lb which wasn't a steal, but I thought it was fair considering the condition.  I haven't put a hammer to it, but the rebound is really fantastic with a ball bearing.  I've been hoping to get something in the 100-125lb range that wouldn't be painful to move, so this looks like it.  I expect to have two forging areas set up eventually...propane inside and coal outside (under cover).  The plan is to have a big and small anvil near each of them.

The lineup looks good now....330lb Refflinghaus and 305lb PW for the heavy anvils, and 167lb Trenton and 130lb Kohlswa for the lighter anvils.  Still, I seem to have a hard time passing up a good deal on an anvil...so if I run into any more.... :P

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