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Steel grade SS2230/50CrV4


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I am not sure if this is correct place to ask, but enyhow I am going to buy a lot of SS2230/50CrV4 grade steel, but issue is is it good enough for gardening tools and also for making some blacksmith tools like hot cutters etc. I checked quite many sources and still can't figure out... Bladesmith charts says used for large knives but thats all I can get that says its good for something. Its tool graded steel with about 0,5 C amoungst some other propeties.


I thank you all for answers in advance

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50CrV4 looks like a spring steel with about 50 points carbon in it.  So anything that 5160 (common automobile springs in the USA) is mentioned as being good for will probably work with that as well.  So drifts, hammers, hardies, cold chisels, etc. (I prefer high alloy steels for slitters and punches myself)

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The thing is I am getting about 1,5 tons of it later this month in 2 separate lots..... So yea even if doing blacksmithing for 24/7 it'll take at least a year to check next supply run it.... So yea getting a lot of it in next month period there's at least 35mm and 18mm round bar and I have no clue pretty much other than making tools out of it from it and I have seen only tempering at 850 to 880 celsius, but no idea of how to quench it :( and I ask of you do I quench it in oil or water or air?

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Also you can make good knives of that stuff. Smaller and bigger, too. My colleague/friend has made/sold thousands of hunting and utility knives from 51CrV4 steel (which is the same as yours).

And where on earth are you? 1,5 tons of that stuff! I'd like to see that from closer :) Are you in Sweden? (Question based on the Swedish Standard grade you wrote in the OP) 



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