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Good find?


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I found this sitting outside a turquoise shop in Austin nv today. It was a steal. 

It has like a centrifical clutch on the big wheel running the blower. All the belts are long gone and the cross member on the top is broken. One of the leather belts are still intact but the other is broke. The blower is free and spinning but will need sealed up. There is one oil port that still has the screw on cap but the other 3 are missing and will need cleaned out. 

is this a common type of drive system? All I have seen before was gearbox and crank. 

It also came with another bowl and blower. The other blower is pretty roached but might be salvageable. 

Any information would be appreciated.







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   Hey, Joe 

  Nice save, I enjoy bring old forges back to life. Just a lot of hours. Many similar one around. I found an old ad for (looks close) Phoenix, first guess is it was made by a major manufacturer, with a hardware store name. 

   Hope this helps, enjoy. 

  N.N.F.                   Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA 


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Common drive type; supposed to mimic the pumping the bellows action for old smiths.  They were more fragile and persnickety and so nowadays more often found in disrepair.

The 1897 Sears Roebuck catalog only shows the lever type of blower and the 1908 catalog shows mainly the lever type blower as well as the crank blower (one complete forge was US$5.19) 

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Blowers can be a tough search...the good ones tend to be expensive and the bad ones...well, are pretty bad.    There are some surplus sources on the web that often have remarkably cheap blowers if you want to spend time digging. I hesitate to add any direct references but there is a "surplus center" that comes up easily when searched for and has hundreds of blowers...mostly wrong but a few potential candidates.

I have the 112 cfm model from blacksmithdepot and it's a darned nice blower.  Not cheap any more--but the value is still there if you have enough in your change jar.  The reason I even mention it is that 112 cfm from that one is waaaaay more air than I generally need ( using tractor supply nut coal).  I have to keep it choked down to maybe 10% for general forging and if I want the blazes of the underworld, maybe 30% open.  Just thought it might help put a number on the CFM for your searching--and of course your mileage may vary a LOT.

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