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IFI tee shirt moments

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So, I bought four of the IFI tee shirts a few months back and Glen wanted my feedback on them.  I figured I'd make it public because they provided me some good times.  In fact, I try to wear one of them every time I know I'm going to be around larger crowds.

My first experience occurred on the last day of a cruise I recently took.  As my family and I awaited disembarkment at the end of the cruise a man approached me.  Turns out his wife saw my tee shirt "I'd rather be forging" and pointed me out to her husband.  Turns out he has been blacksmithing for two years and is currently opening a shop with his sons in Mass.  We chatted a long time, shared contact info and planned to meet up.

Another time I was wearing the "Caution: do not set self on fire" upside down shirt.  That one garnered tons of attention (often just crooked looks from passers by who struggled to read it before I was past them) but I ended up being approached by multiple people (including a juggling clown on stilts) who wanted to know more.  I was able to apply TPAAT a number of times in one day!  I have two outstanding "possibles" for metal or tools because of it.

The Metallica inspired "Blacksmith" shirt (called Heavy Metal I believe) also worked in the same way but with less confused stares.  These shirts have opened up a number of opportunities for me to inquire about tools and steel that would have otherwise been weird or inappropriate in the situation.  Plus, I've gotten to meet a number of people who were interested to hear the gospel of blacksmithing.


If anyone else has had interesting, clothing related encounters (blacksmith clothing you weirdos) please add!  I'm going to flaunt my IFI gear relentlessly until it nets me an anvil....

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Flaunt it Brother FLAUNT IT!

Unfortunately I live in a relatively small city and when I'm domoing too many folk have heard of Iforge to get that kind of interest. Wearing mine around town is anti-climatic when great grandmothers have 3 toned hair and weirder. 

I do get strangers address me by Frosty after seeing the "Frosty The Lucky" T. 

Iforge is largely responsible for how well our club is growing. Forged in Fire has sparked a lot of interest and we're on IFI when they start looking online.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I've had people (metal head looking guys) see the "Heavy Metal" T shirt and say "nice shirt man." then only after saying it take a second confused look and meander off. :) 

Just the other day I was getting seriously stared at with the "Pound one out" T and then they broke into laughter and stated they liked it. 

I have had other pretty positive, Or absolutely confused, responses to other IFI T shirts. Like the "Old blacksmiths Don't Die, They Just Rust In Peace" and questions about "I have Two Vises, post and bench" :D I had to explain that one a couple times.  Others have received positive feedback but I have yet to get any serious conversation going very far. Just a matter of time. It's always fun tho :) I guess even being in and around the "Steel City" many people have lost their roots in my area but I'll keep at it. The shirts are great and thought provoking.

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I was wearing my IforgeIron shirt yesterday at the grocery store, and was checking out when the guy behind the register asked what I forge. I answered, and he said he was glad to see someone who does the same thing. He went on to say he used to forge more but that was with his buddy's forge, and he moved, so now he is working on a new gas forge. I gave him my business card, and encouraged him to join here. By then the people in line behind us were getting a little restless and so we said by and left. Was kinda cool though.


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