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Deerfield Thumblatch

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Well, since I have been getting stuff ready for the upcoming demos and the table is empty I decided to make a thumb latch for the table..  A recent introduction to a fellow blacksmith at the most recent demo peaked my interest when he said he needed a latch for his shop and was looking at making a copy of a latch at Old Deerfield Villiage in Deerfield MA.. 

I haven't been to ODV in maybe 30 years but new instantly which latch he was referring to.. 

He posted  a pic to his FB page so today I made one.. It was really tough as all I had was a dollar bill for sizes.. I still need to add the finishing touches but it's whole.. Tomorrow I go visit the guy and we can do comparisons as he said he started making his.. 






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6 hours ago, arkie said:

Beautiful job on the thumb latch!  You are the cat's meow...;)

thanks.. Still gots a little more file work to do..


Today I went up to help out a fellow smith on making the same latch but to a smaller size..  Was interesting as I worked on one side (cusp and half the handle length) and he the other..  Was a lot of fun..  Also a lot different because I use the tooling that is there vs  bringing anything.. Not even my own hammer.. :)   LOL..   

"Where's your hammer"..   What I'm supposed to bring a hammer:.. :)    Really was a blast.. The guy does some really nice work.. 

This is how far we got before I had to leave..  Beautiful day for a motorcycle ride.. 


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