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Nice Craigslist Mousehole just popped up

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Someone on Craigslist in Spencer, MA just posted a pre-1830 Mousehole that appears to be in quite nice shape.  Clean face and edges.  The poster claims it is between 80 and 100 pounds and is asking $200 because they believe it needs a professional restoration.  All it needs it to have the bird poop and barn dust wire brushed off.


Good hunting,


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did you pick her up?

This evening I will be looking at an 1837 William foster 101lb anvil at $200, decent shape, but a decent price.


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I almost made a go for it yesterday but I was on dad duty the entire day.  The poster referred to it as in need of professional restoration (rather incorrectly) and I feel that will scare most people away.  I really don't need it but I want it....

There are some nice anvils and such for sale in the NY Craigslist.  There was an insane garage sale posted on June 9 that I missed.  I would have driven out there.  Multiple anvils, swage blocks, tongs, hardy tools, you name it.....all in one garage.

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On 7/19/2017 at 0:20 PM, ScottyOmega said:

Hey Lou.  Just talked to that guy.  He said he has someone coming down tonight to look at it but if he bails he'll give me a call tomorrow and I can go pick it up.  Crossing my fingers the other guy flakes.

Did it work out?

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