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Sean Sells, Steve's son


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Sean Sells, Steve's son was in a car wreck..  Nothing broken, some bruising, and shaken up enough to be admitted to the hospital for observation.

Steve is on the way to visit his son again, and will know more after he talks with the doctors. Steve ask that I make the post and he will provide more details as they become available.


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We dont know much about what is happening.  All we know for sure is that he is suffering from major depression, and he does not remember the accident.   He has admitted he is a danger to himself and others at present, so he is being "medicated" to control those feelings.   no clue how long he will be kept there.   thanks all

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I called for an update on Sean tonight.

Sean answered the phone. We had a wonderful conversation. He is glad to be home and in a good mood. I do not want to jump ahead of Steve in posting but knew you would want to know.

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