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I like your anvil and anvil stump. 

Are you running the forge with compressed air? How is the forge working for you? Suggest that you use more fuel to get a better fire depth. Just enough air to get the heat from the fire that you need to get your metal hot.

Look at the 55 forge, or other solid fuel forge designs. 


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Hello Glenn

I am useing compressed air (black hose), it works ok. The pics where from the test run to see if i would get enough heat. I already have afew changes I want to make from looking around the forum.

Thank you

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I strongly suggest that you 'retire' your nailing hammer. Those hammers have a soft face for nailing. (Nails are soft steel). The hammer face will mushroom and pieces could spall off. Replace it with a hard steel engineer's hammer. (a.k.a. crack hammer), or a blacksmith pein hammer. They are cheap and can be bought at most hardware stores. (Canadian Tire, Home or Ace Hardware, or Harbor Freight ((if they have them in N.S.)). 

Where is Peas Brook N.S. ?

I studied law at Dalhousie U. ages ago. I miss the maritime provinces.


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Great idea on the anvil stump, I assume you used a chainsaw to do that.  If you have been looking around the forum you probably have seen the recommendation to mount your railroad track avail vertically as you get a much more rigid surface, all be it a much smaller surface.    If you could find another piece of track and another stump you could improve your anvil situation a lot. 

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