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Show me your anvil stands

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counter sink the holes with a 1" auger bit.. so the nuts have something to sit against.. then you can just use plain flat washers up in the hole and if desired could get 4 coupling nuts.. 

The stump if you were to ask me is just about the perfect size..  Not much extra anvil nor extra stump sticking out..  That to me is just about perfect. 

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 I like the looks of the all thread idea. But I think I would just bend the stump end into a U shape, sharpen the end, and drive it into the stump to hold. You wouldn't need to tighten both ends anyway. Plus you loose the shin grabbers.  Life is Good      Dave

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Nothing fancy, just wanted to celebrate having finally got my anvil attached to something!

A proper old piece of chain, complete with shackle which we dug out of the forest last autumn turned out to be exactly long enough to wrap around twice. 

A couple of square plates and washers, two longish (could be longer) coach screws and two layers of roofing felt have turned a deafening 'TING!' into a much less bothersome 'clonk'. I won't dispense with ear protection but it might be nice to use something a bit more comfortable than my chainsaw helmet :D


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Well done Norrlander, damping a cast Swedish steel anvil down to a clonk is outstanding! 

She's beautiful, I'd love a chance to work one like her.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Jlp : she weighs in at 41.5 kg and measures 67mm wide and 61cm tip to tip.

There's also a stamp "1912", but I don't know if that's when the anvil was made, or the original pattern design or the company (Söderfors) start date. Any ideas?

Frosty : thanks! After your warning I looked around a lot for ideas and this was the result. We'll see how long it lasts, but with only two screws it's not much bother to make adjustments. 

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Roughly 400 lb black granite block under my post anvil makes the whole thing over 500 lbs. It's bolted together using 1/2" concrete anchors drilled into the stone. I did it this way so I could separate the anvil from it's base because otherwise its a beast to move. This deadened the ring and the anvil feels more solid and lively. This is my go to anvil when I am using a striker. 


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