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Show me your anvil stands

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18 minutes ago, jlpservicesinc said:

You betcha..  I was laughing thinking that is another way to adjust anvil height.. Just change from flats, to low heel, mid and high 6" heels.. :) 

The mental image of blacksmiths in 6" platform heals puts a smile on my face. Opens a world of possibilities in fact, "The Monte Python blacksmithing conference. "Oh, I'm a blacksmith and I'm okay I sleep all night and I hammer all day!"

Oh, the topic. I have a 12" x 4" left over from building the house that's just right for some of the kids and keep a few things they can safely stand on at the anvil.

Frosty The Lucky.

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"The Ministry of Silly Hammering?"

"This is a Dead Anvil!"

"Do you have any 1018, 1020, 5160, A-36---it's the most commonly used steel in the world!....Do you have any steel in this scrapyard?"

"Coke coke coke coke coke coke coke coke lovely coke wonderful coke!"

lots of easy pickings for a PySmiths' Review...

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On 7/31/2017 at 4:28 PM, jlpservicesinc said:

You guys are hitting on another hobby of mine..  I have maybe 100 pair of shoes..  I never get to wear..  But just for that once every 3 years I want to have just the right pair of heels.. 

i think your YouTube channel NEEDS one video wedged among your smithing videos in which you display various shoes you love on your anvil.  It would be an awesome juxtaposition and a great message to potential lady smiths out there.

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Okay, I had an experience today that can tie the whole thing together!  

I went to Logan Steel today hunting for ideas for my anvil stand.  When I got there I gifted the manager who has helped me out on steel prices before with a bottle opener.  He had been talking to a woman just prior to talking to me.  Turns out she is a blacksmith wo runs a full time forge called Arc & Hammer.  He ran out to her truck to show her the bottle opener all excited.


Either way, come to find out, I just missed their first ever "makers meeting" last weekend and there were four lady Blacksmiths there among other smiths, welders and fabricators.  I missed one heck of a good cookout, it appears.  The good news is that there is a community there that I will be able to connect with.

On another note, right in the front they have two huge plies of steel cylinders (probably A36) ranging from 8-10" diameter and anywhere from 6" to 30" tall.  They are technically $1 per pound but he told me he would not charge that much for those.  I know the smaller ones could be had for $.50 per pound previously.  Some were most certainly well over 300#.


I settled on a stand design and grabbed the materials I need.  I'll post my process and reasoning when I get to making it tomorrow if family life allows.  Lots of grinding and welding in my near future.


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Nice.. Years ago it was so uncommon to see another woman anywhere in the trades.. Blacksmithing, welding, bladesmithing.. just so rare.. I love that we are getting other there more and showing what we can do.. 

On the stand I hope it's more weld than grind.. :)    I always find its so much easier to weld than to grind.. 


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I raided my scrap pile today and put in a little saw work, and here's what I've got so far. I'm brand new at this so this will be my first stand. Planning to mount a 6" diameter steel cylinder as my anvil object into it. 

I also left a 1x1 hole at each corner for build in tool holders and then will affix more to the outside

its not glued, screwed, or strapped yet hence the gaps  when it's done it will all be flush and solid. They're just tied together with 550 cord to hold the shape



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Maybe it would be better to put some piping there and use those holes fitted with pipe to affix the accessories that I was going to add like one hole for different size radii that could be swapped out based on need. If the hole is always plugged then nothing can get stuck in it :)

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Mr. Mans,

Some of the respondents in this thread have mentioned a serious potential problem.

I suggest that you fill the voids, (holes). in the end of the stand closest to the anvil's underside. Epoxied wooden wedges, (shims) will work nicely. The corners can be stuffed with trimmed square or rectangular cut offs.

This will block tools that could ordinarily fall between the boards.

Try it and good luck.


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