New axe maker

Forged heart with first weld.

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First forge weld the weld stuck isn't the prettiest weld out there and I think I hit it too hard and caused the top ton smush over while the middle welded. And i had some problems getting one side to bend over properly.


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Next time don't try to line the lap up like it's supposed to look in the finished heart let them cross at close to a 90 with a little overlap. Scarf the joints lightly, set the weld, refine and trim the extra then form the point and refine it to finish.

I don't remember who told me not to try to estimate things like how much to make a final product and incorporate it into the weld calc. Say trying to figure how much to cut for a ring by figuring the scarf, etc. etc. If you need 6 1/2" to make the ring, forget allowing for the scarf and make a lap weld. Draw it to finish dia and thickness after it's welded. That way you only have to get close, just a BIT less is perfect, you can draw out another 1/4" dia. by taking a few thousandths off the width and thickness.

Frosty The Lucky.

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