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is this chipping a real concern ?

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13 hours ago, Scrambler82 said:

If you needed to radius a portion for a needed bend, that would be where to get it done !

From reading I don't think so but does this anvil have a metal plate in the striking area ?

I believe Kohlswa's are cast steel anvils.. 

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so is this 438 lb. Kohlswa anvil with the original cast iron base, with this damage on one side, worth $1800.00 ??? heres a photo of the other side with the base.. thanks, JT


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A cast Swedish steel anvil on a factory stand with an hour or so worth of damage to clean up with a disk grinder on one edge for about $4.00/lb? I'd have it in my pickup, no questions asked. Deb'd make me sell some stuff but my Soderfors is safe, Okey Dokey. 

It's a beauty, no fooling a blacksmith's centerfold.

Frosty The Lucky.

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That crack makes it almost worthless. If you post the location and phone number of the owner I may buy it for scrap metal ... :)

Seriously now, that anvil is worth north of $3000 over there and some $5000 down here

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