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Just saying hi

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14979173448171641262048.thumb.jpg.e808ff9b39a813d90fc4c5fbe7e81943.jpgBeen lurking fit a while, finally signed up. Only been swinging a hammer for a couple of months, but have always worked with my hands. Lot of good info here, looking forward to being part of the forum. Started out poor boying it, home built forge, lump charcoal. Farrier friend hooked me up with a gas forge, but still pretty low budget. Attached is two I'm working on currently. Not sure why pic is there three times?

Also, this is hammer work, not just grinding a file. I use a grinder like everyone else, but grinding a blade out of a blank, file, etc, is not forging.

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Welcome aboard, and glad to have you! Thank you for putting your location in your profile information; we have a number of Texans on the forum, and hopefully some of them are near you.

Keep reading, keep learning, keep forging!

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Hey! or should I say howdy! not bad blades for the little time you've been forging. much better than my firsts.


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