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Saxon Gaucho knife

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My latest Kitchen knife .


Inspired by seaxes, bowies, Khyber knives and Criollo Knives (Gaucho's knife) and yatagahn .
I have always been fascinated by these large "gentlemans companion knives" that form a part of so many cultures attire over so long a time. Equally at home in the kitchen or on adventures in the dim distant past, or for that matter a (slightly steam punk) dystopian future.....





13.5 long 2.5" wide blade , Patternwelding in the saxon style . Wearing walnut sterling silver and a little copper. The knife weighs 15oz .This one will have a sheath..N european type with fittings of silver or copper?

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Quite beautiful, i like how the steel seems to flow out of the handle.  How did you make the collar?

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