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Is there a structural advantage to forging?

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I ordered some knife making steel and neglected to order the correct thickness of 1095.  There is no room for forging so, unless I sandwich it between some softer steel then forge weld it, I am looking at stock removal as the only way to use this in a single steel knife.  I am not looking to open up any stock removal vs. forging can of worms.

Is there a structural/strength advantage, on a microscopic level brought about by forging that is not there with stock removal?




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Not really. Forging can do harm on a  molecular level if not done properly. When you buy bar stock it's been roll forged from a cast block weighing a few tons to the final dimensions you buy. So, stock removal blades from fresh stock is forged steel. When you forge stock into the blank then grind it finished.

The only difference is in the final small scale forging and heat treating \. How often do we see broken blades and tools that look like rock salt? Grain growth is the common term for crystallization and that is a common consequence of improper heat management in OUR shops. 

Normalization, annealing, "grain" refinement under the hammer, are all methods to control crystallization "grain growth."

If you want more than a working handle on the subject you'll need to do some text book type reading. My best advice is ALWAYS research anecdotal data.

Frosty The Lucky.


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Thanks Glenn

I will be ending my stuff out for heat treat in the beginning.  I believe in tackling one part of the monster at a time. I've been around long enough to know that if I attack the whole process I get lost in the details and never accomplish anything.  One step at a time.

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