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I Forge Iron

my first cable knife, plus etch


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trial etch on the cable knife. I also used it to chop a 2x4, and got a slight delamination on the blade edge that you can JUST see

with the single exception, I thought this turned out pretty good


it was actually supposed to be a leaf bladed dagger, but the steel wanted to be a bowie, so that's where I went with this






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Not bad Cat but you need to work on the lighting for taking photos. Taking good shots of shiny stuff isn't easy, glare tends to wash out detail. Indirect or diffuse light is the starting point. The flash on your camera is NOT your friend, the light reflects directly back at the camera. A sometimes effective enough trick is to tape or stick a single ply of tissue paper over the flash to diffuse the light.

Better is a bright overcast day. Stand back and zoom in for a close up. A telephoto focus makes the depth of field deeper. This is the zone where everything is in focus. It also helps muting highlights.

Incandescent lights make orange pictures, the camera can't "See" what it expects like the human brain. Our brain automatically filters out unwanted or unexpected things like colors, sounds, etc. A camera only records what's there.

Sorry for the diversion but I can't say much about your blade, I can't see detail clearly enough.

Frosty The Lucky.

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