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New from South Africa

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Hallo there,
I came across your forum today and was pleased to see that there are others like me out there.I am located in Henley on Klip near Meyerton and run a small forge Two coal and 2 gas fires strictly spare time.Please supply me with contact details of forum members as I would like to become involved.Do I have to join and if so how do I go about it?Details:Hermann Bayer (Ursus Forge) 0824902620 hermanb@ekurhuleni.com

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Hallo Wim,

Work in Kempton Park, live in the beautiful village of Henley on Klip.Operate a forge part time.please keep me posted on events and get togethers.Like you I thought I was alone out there.Contact me on 0824902620 or 016 366 0901.
Smithing regards

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Herman, you already found the South African Highveld Forum hosted on IForgeIron.com They post their events in their forum so check back from time to time.

Take some time and look around as there is most likely some of interest to you on the site. Welcome to IForgeIron.

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There will be a Dutch Market again at Oranjehof, in Kempton Park on 1st of May 2008. I give a blacksmithing demo there, and a few extra hands are always welcome. We could even set up an extra anvil; my forge is good enough for 2 smiths. One of theguys in our group, Nic Taylor, also a member here is planning a forge in, maybe in april or may, in Pretoria. I will announce it here when the date is set.

Slaan daai ysters!!!

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Thanks for the feedback Wim.I'll gladly join the Demo.If you have a problem with heat I can bring along a gas forge (Postbox or Horisontal type).How about a scrolling Demo.Always popular and visually entertaining?

Just finished and delivered a garden table with extensive scrolling in it.So I been there recently and thoroughly done that, with more than my fair share of Murphy's thrown in.

More info closer to the time?

Slaat die yster terwyl hy warm is!

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Hello everyone. I'm brand new to this site, only join today. I have been a forging farrier for 17 years. Due to health surcomstances I'm currently the stable manager at Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital Equine clinic, I hate every minute of it. My big passion is Blacksmithing. Have thought numeris times of making it my profesion, but scared of change, I KNOW "wie nie waag nie sal nie wen nie". At least now I might make some like-minded blacksmith friend to convince me. Hope to hear from you all soon.

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