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I Forge Iron

Jasen's smithing progression.


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3 hours so far.  Some serious pounding today.   Proud to say I’m about 99% sure not a single cold shunt.   Was very carful not to get the thick spot on the edge folds! Rotate more and keep those edges clean.  Got some big ss for hand guard and pomel 

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From what I’m finding they have a large range from 1.5lbs to over 6lbs.   Most being 3-5.   Customer wants 4.5lb but I plan todo a few around 3lb to see if it’s better.   I do know the balance should be forward the hand guard.  It’s a chopping weapon designed for slower short movements. 


This video was was the best I could find on explaining its design requirements 


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I think your blades have been great cgl.   How far are you from Fort Worth?  I’m hoping to go visit my cousins down there and do a hog hunt.  If your close enough I’d love to swing by and visit when I do.  Maybe bring ya a hammer :D

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May as well just make a smaller one since I have the tooling now.  Still working on the pomel 

ran out of fuel about half way through drifting it to size.  

Going to have to make some wood chisel’s to finish the handle.  

Thank you Jennifer and John 

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