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Another one from North of 60°

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Well Howdy folks! 

Brandon from Kenai, Alaska here. Hopefully I will be getting to know the A-town group and the Mat-su crew soon. Lonny, I see you are in Kenai too. Maybe we will get up someday. Start a KPB forge. Who knows?

But first. Let me say... Well done people! I hate computers and the digital social whatnots. Yet after reading through a few posts and perusing here and there. I have to say... ya'll seem pretty xxxx agreeable. I thank you for unwittingly putting me at ease. 

A lil'bout myself: I got a mechanical mind and ask lots of questions. I hope that doesn't rub too many the wrong way, I imagine not though from my readin, as I mentioned. 

Bout a year ago, I was throwing out a pop can and realized... Xxxx xxxx This is a stock traded commodity and I am literally throwing it in the trash. I mean come on!?

 So I made a smelting foundry from watching all those handy dandy youtubes. Once I saw the pretty metals all liquidy. Sheesh. I WAS HOOKED. 

Now I want to cast more, but mostly learn the art of hammering and moving metal around. Learning temps and honing gut feeling and my craft. Well, what I would like to turn into a craft.

For thousands of years a hammer and anvil (or some derivative of) have built civilization. So soon as Industry came along, and then bleh, Computers, ewww. Well, humanity as a whole, just turned our noses up at Forging, Lampwork, Cordwaining, Cob Building, on and on... Its just sad is all. 

Well I have been going on and on. 

Its nice to introduce myself and I hope ya'll get to know me and can teach as much as I can learn. Thanks for reading

Blessed Be,


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Welcome aboard Brandon, glad to see you here too. Before Admin send you a note I'll let you know. Iforge is a family site you need to keep your language clean. Just putting a few %@#% in won't do it. Everybody slips and has an occasional word XXXed out so don't sweat it this time. Just use language you wouldn't mind your 6yr old sister reading. If you haven't read the site rules yet it'd be a good idea. The short forbidden topic list goes like this: No bad language, no name calling, no politics, no religion, no commercials or commercial sites without paying for space on Iforge.

Frosty The Lucky. 

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Ahh smelting is taking ore and making metal from it, it sounds like you didn't do that but rather just melted it in a Foundry (a foundry being a furnace for melting metal a melting foundry is redundant)  I assume you have already found which is sort of the foundry version of iforgeiron?

Now some of us do smelt iron ore on a small scale; lots of fun but not very cost efficient!

Don't worry about being twitted on language; many if not most of us have fallen afoul of that at times.  I myself have been warned over a typo and for a phrase I had used in church to my pastor that same week!  Well it's Glenn's site and he gets to make the rules and they are not that onerous and it's nice to have a place I can refer my grand daughters to without worrying about what they may come across.

And if you learn from the responses we love questions!  We do suggest you see if it's something already covered several hundred times before.  The website search is lacking; but using something like google search on your term(s) and add can get you where you want to go.

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