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Evaporust before and after


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I finally purchased a gallon of the stuff. It is just as good as advertised. It is non-toxic, but it will dry your skin. Use rubber gloves. 

I wish I had taken a before pic as the OP did, but didn’t. I used it on my great granddad’s draw knife. It was thick with rust. The handles were frozen in a closed position. I soaked it for two days and it was totally rust free and the wing nuts holding the handles in place were freely movable.

Amazing stuff. Vinegar would have worked just as well, but I would have had a stinky mess left behind in the pan.

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4 hours ago, Chris C said:

No challenge to your pun...............sorry.

DON'T APOLOGIZE!:o! I was funnin back. Please PLEASE join the punnishment, there's always room for another player!

Frosty The Lucky.

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