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Bath and West Show 2017 May 31 to June 3

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Bath and West Show at Shepton Mallet next week, Wednesday May 31 to Saturday June 3rd, after much effort theBlacksmith forged metalwork feature has been completely revised, and made more competitor friendly, entries will be taken on site on Tuesday prior to the show opening, (on line booked entries up to 09.00am on the opening show day,) parking for competitors is a lot nearer to site than the previous location was, less than a couple of hundred yards away, and accessible by paved road, The new location is the Woodland and Countryside area, and inside the Dulverton Pavilion for the static display, competitors can sell their products. Non NBCC live competitions will be judged by a member of the public each day, the winning makers piece will be kept by the person judging , and the maker will receive £25. This competition piece is " Anything made in an hour" and gives everyone an opportunity to make something within their comfort/capability zone, and stand a chance of winning, it is being judged on appeal rather than NBCC standard technical criteria, so even beginners will have an equal chance of winning, and four days to compete. As many entries as you like over the four days can be attempted under the new "Blanket entry fee" system.

Pictures show the outside area for live forging, and inside for the static display., Entries will be accepted up to 9.00am on the Wednesday, or daily for the live competitions if you are visiting the show and would like a go.





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The new show location up and running, competitors found it a lot easier to access and a great welcoming atmosphere. Hope to improve on this good start next year.

Here are some pictures,


Getting Ready


Nice easy start, James and Nick warming up.


James and Adrian, Getting down to business and some of the forged entries made


The peoples choice on day one, with the piece they chose, a snail, and its maker, Keith593b0da8b305b_BWPeoplesprizewinners1stday.JPG.8718c59c89386ed651e1c0d19b4012fe.JPG

Winner of the Show Champion prize Vlad Navratil


and Keith showing off the winning piece that Vlad made


SImon Hall receiving the Live Forging Champion Award


Thanks to all who came along and helped make it a great show.

Why not come along next year and say hello or better still, come and take part.

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