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Death in the night and mango boning knife

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The darkest blade I've ever made, death in the night. Forged 80CrV2 finished in Dura-Bake enamel, black G10 scales with mosaic and copper pins.


"Mango knife"
This customer had a favorite knife with a very specific shape that he used to prepare fruit, I replicated the blade with superior steel and updated handle shape.
15N20 blade with copper, buffalo horn, and Brazillian bloodwood.



Comments and critique always welcome :D

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I have one critique for the Bowie.  You failed to put a compass  in the handle!


Okay, seriously, those are beautiful.  That Bowie just has gorgeous lines and the handle design begs to have a hand wrapped around it.

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You know Theo I'd sure appreciate it if you'd just once post a pic of something other than a beautiful blade, I'm out of adjectives other than "beautiful." On the other hand the straight lines are a refreshing treat. . . You know me and straight lines. :)

Wouldn't a blade used for boning: fruit, fish, whatever be a . . . . boner? I won't even ask if that's the connection that led to the name of the bowie. 

Looking up just and there's "novam1a's" avatar and can't help but think folk shouldn't be lighting their old farts. I mean it's just so college frat boy.

Frosty The Lucky.


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