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Local find @ 2.01/pound

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124 pounder. Got me thinking about it. The horn is rough but welding that isn't an issue according to Mr. Postman.

I noticed this example has LESS handling holes than my 89 pound Mouse. Find that odd as they are same make.......





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I'm not surprised that they changed their anvil making processes over time. In fact I would expect it from a major manufacturer.

Horn looks good to me, what is it you want to do?  (DON'T point it!, If you need a smaller point make a hardy tool with one---you only need to run your thigh or wedding tackle into a sharp pointed horn once to understand why so many of them show evidence of having been pounded blunt!)

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The horn looks good to me, as Thomas says a bic or heck tools for the hardy hole is superior to the horn anyway. Not always but for the most part, speed wrapping rings being a maybe where a horn shines. When I have to work from the horn end I feel like there is someone walking around with an unsheathed knife.

Have you ever stepped into a horn? Even one as blunted as yours hurts like the devil and tends to leave deep bruises so you won't forget.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I have, unfortunately,  been horn bit. A friend bought a trenton recently and he literally ground it to resemble a pencil. He informed me it looked like someone has struck the end with a hammer and rounded it. I told him it is supposed to be like that.

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