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Home made 'anvil' on YouTube

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I'm sure several people here see some of the different videos on YouTube and wonder what the person was thinking when they made the video. The following video was one of the suggested videos that popped up while I was watching some other videos and I got a good chuckle from the comment, "it's got pretty good rebound." Maybe if I hadn't just read a discussion here earlier asking just what "pretty good" meant I might not have thought it as funny. I also found some of the comments humorous. People want this guy to build them an anvil and I have to bite my tongue so as not to hurt people's feelings (recently I have been told I can be a little harsh).


Video removed due to religious content.

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32 minutes ago, Michael Cochran said:

I didn't notice the video had anything in it sorry.

You can delete this topic

Michael, why don't you post the name of the channel and the title of the video? That way, people can find it, but you won't be linking directly to forbidden material.

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