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damascus spatula


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(I couldn't really figure out the right category for this, so we'll call it a "Knife".)

I forged this pattern-welded damascus spatula for my Mom’s birthday gift. I offered her a knife or any other thing I could forge, and this is what she chose. Never made one before, it was lots of flattening work with a cross pein hammer and a ton of grinding. 1080 and 15n20 steel, hardened then tempered at about 550 deg F for extra flexibility.

The handle is redheart, one of my favorite woods. It’s pretty, really easy to work (hand planes beautifully), and doesn’t have large pores so it finishes smoothly. I hand planed the block to size, then bandsawed out the shape, and block planed everything smooth and roughly to the final shape before sanding.




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 Very nice.....Did you put your touch mark on there somewhere? I'm pretty sure momma will be carrying that in her hand bag to show it off . Well done.....                Life is Good                 Dave

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Your Mom is going to love that Bob though you might have trouble convincing her to flip jacks, steaks, eggs, etc. with it. I'd say something clever but I'll just spend a little more tie looking instead.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks a lot everyone.  Dave, I did stamp it on the bottom (though it's light).  Moemdown, the handle is one piece.  I drilled a row of holes then drilled and chiseled out the areas between them to get the mortise for the tang.  I used west system g/flex epoxy to hold it in.  

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