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Thoughts on forge name

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Transportable is an issue if you go pro. You may have to move the business someday or sell the one you're naming now. Place and feature based names are catchy but if YOU have to move is it relevant anymore? 

When I was thinking of opening my own metal shop, fab and blacksmithing for the most part but just general metal work. I was going to call it "The Frost Works" and had the subtitle, work description, what ever it's called, "Stuff Done With Metal."

Now it says "Blacksmithing and light fabrication." on my cards. Mostly they're just personal cards anymore though.

My point being transportable business. A business name that is flexible can be a darned handy thing and not paint yourself in a corner.

Seriously, I'm not about to sell my name and I have just the LOOK for anybody who thinks they can. :rolleyes:

Frosty The Lucky.

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5 hours ago, rockstar.esq said:

I wiki'd Malton and it looks like a beautiful place to live.  I saw that the River Derwent flows through Malton.  Again, according to wiki, Derwent means "Belonging to the forest of the oak trees".  That calls a very pretty image to my mind.

Thanks Rockstar it really is beautiful we have the moors not far away and the beach is only 15 mins away. I didn't know that about the name Derwent, that really is cool.

I really do see what you mean about tieing the name to the local area. But me and my wide do have a the dream of making a success of the forge and her crafts business and moving up to the Highlands  eventually which is one of my main reasons behind the name.

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Re my earier observation on the number of Maltons there are in the UK, the same applies to rivers Derwent, and also Derwent valley. lake or resevoir and there are a plethera of industries, crafts and trades using the name. For the most part in the UK, anywhere with at least 50yrs history will be associated with some industry or other so geographical derived trading names have already been adopted long ago.

It has been mentioned above of the intention to simply use ones own name and that would seem to be an obvious solution, except that in my case, my own surname is shared with a large town in a distant county, a well known auto manufacturer and well known paint manufacurer........

......it's never easy is it! :rolleyes:

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