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Crystal Alloy Design - intermediaries

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So simply, thinking about alloys in terms of crystal structure, designing the alloy chemically seems the best way to go. However, I have found it problematic finding good intermediary chemicals (i.e., the elements exist in proper ratio to easily math, cheap, react well), and would like some help. Currently, I've been working with the crystal chemical formula of Cr2-B4-C3. I have all basic physical attributes down, I just need to actually make the stuff now lol. :P

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Welcome aboard. If you'll put your general location in the header you might discover Iforge members living within visiting distance.

You need to do a LOT  more research and thinking about making your own alloys. I'm not sure why you're telling us about your . . . idea, maybe a metallurgist would be a better bet?

Seriously, are you trying to grow crystals or make metal? Intermediary and catalysts don't have that much to do with growing crystals. Look that up. Crystals in an alloy are generally the result of a mistake.

This isn't really the forum to be discussing this, not that you aren't welcome but we're generally against crystal growth it just screws up the project.

Frosty The Lucky.

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It is a difficult thing especially where certain elements can have multiple crystalline structures: C, graphite or diamond for instance or Fe where the structure is temperature dependent going from BCC to FCC (and several others!) Lots of non obvious interactions!

This seems much more in the realm of research groups in Material Science than blacksmithing.

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