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Will W.

Yet more retort questions

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Hello all. 

I have recently built my own charcoal retort, and am in the process of slowly tuning it to be as optimal as possible. This last firing I did went well (I think), I got about 50 percent good glassy charcoal and about 50 percent partially charred wood. The pieces that partially charred were larger than the ones that completely charred, so I think that was my issue. Anyways, I'm wondering if I can throw this par-char into my next batch combined with pure wood. Will it char the rest of the way along with the fresh wood? Or is it more likely that it will burn up before the fresh stuff is done? Most of it looks like this.


And some of it was further along and looks like this. 


Thank you for reading.

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The un-chard stuff will char up in your next cook. Cut it up smaller for better results.

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