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Grinder screens

Scott NC

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  What could be made of these?  Or uses?  They are 5'x3' and 1/8 to 1/4" thick.  The holes are 1/8".   They are grinder screens from a hammer mill.  I have permission to take the old, worn out ones from work as they become available.  And there are a lot of them.  I tried making fire-pit rings but they are really springy, and dont think I'd like to be around if the weld ever broke.  I did make wings out of some of it for a butterfly sculpture but its hard to torch cut to shape.   I tried flattening one out by driving over it with the truck but it just sprang back to its original shape.  They scrap a lot of them and it seems a waste.  Any ideas would be welcome 8-). Scott.



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The wing idea is cool. Something with a light behind it would be cool. Fish shapes. Cut to desired shapes it would make great fill pieces in sculptures. Say maybe a birds chest. cut the shape, heat in the forge and dish it on a stump to get the contour. 

You could cut some and forge a border and make a flat standing fire screen.  Or square fire surround.

They might be less springy and easier to manipulate if you heated them in a bonfire. ( just posted then saw Thomas just mentioned this)

Were it me, I would stock up on it and know it's there for when an idea strikes. 

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Greetings Nodebt, 

       You could put it over the edge of a flat weld table clamp it down and heat just a small area with a rose bud a little at a time bending back to flat. Just a thought. 

Forge on and make beautiful things 


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  These are all great ideas, thanks for the comments.  Thomas, I dont have a plasma cutter and they kind of melt in all directions with a torch, but, Jim Coke, I do have a rosebud and will try flattenung them out that way.  I just burned two brushpiles this winter so thats out, but I will keep that idea in mind for the next one.  ede, nice picture and I agree the lighting idea is a good one.  Thanks daswulf, for the sculpture ideas as well as lighting.    And ausfire, I now I have an idea for an ossilating casting sand sifter...  Alan, flat surface.  But I might find a rut in the lane and try again.  A whole flat one might make good shelving matr for welding bench.


Heres a worn out hammer from the same unit.


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