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Been out for awhile

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Good afternoon friends 

Sorry I've been out for a spell, been dealing with personal demons and other issues, but I have not been totally idle while on my little hiatus. Here are some pics of a few blades I threw together. It's not much but I'm proud of them. Most are made from spring steel, the 1 without bolsters in the first picture is 01 steel. I am a diesel mechanic and work in the shop so I have an endless supply of spring steel. Although I like 01 steel better. Spring steel seems to be a little more forgiving and free. O I also have an also endless supply of bearing steel but I hate working with it and it seems to be a bugger to sharpen. Sorry the pics aren't that great. 20170306_181318.thumb.jpg.a3ff960a3fd228a9790816f4df39f5ff.jpg




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Thanks guys 

 Robakyo,  that blade your referring to was made out of a mudflap hanger off a big truck, the handle was made out of some red cedar I had laying around, the bolsters were nickel  silver with copper pins. It was heavy and felt solid in the hand. Just a cool scrap together knife. 

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