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Hello, newb here.  I know you folks are bound to get tired of answering this question but, can someone ID this anvil.  Sorry this is the best photos I have as it is a CL listing. I haven't seen it in person.

Listed as an "English" anvil, 130 lb (I think exact would be 129 according to stamp)  Looks like:  MI  HS or maybe MI  H8  or even SMI  H8...  From the picture I can't ID stamp between those initials nor what is below.  Can't find anything with googling except possibly a Mousehole though that isn't quite right...not sure.  Any help appreciated.



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Well we know it's weight stamped in CWT so definitely english, feet look older english but not extremely old, Does it have a pritchel hole?  If so original or retrofited?


My eyes keep trying to say there is a solid wrought circle above and slightly to the right of the 0, can't play around with the photo right now, any one else?

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