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A quick hello from Memphis, TN


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hi guys and gals, 

my name is AJ, my backround is mostly structural welding and fabrication, but I also know how to do manual machining mostly tool and die. I have been a tradesman since I was 15, I first apprenticed into a fabrication/machining shop, from there I became an Ironworker and just last year I was promoted to a foreman and given my own reinforcing crew. I am only 23 and by no means a master, I just know enough to be dangerous. My main interest has always been black smith work, I know how to weld most metals with coventional means and machine it true, but I really want to learn how to make things from nothing but raw steel a fire and an anvil and hammer.

heres to a great run with you guys and lots of learning on my part, as well as me passing my knowledge on to those interested

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Howdy, have you visited: "The National Ornamental Metal Museum, also called the Metal Museum, is a museum in Memphis, Tennessee devoted to exhibitions of metalwork and public programs featuring metalsmiths."?  (wikipedia)

You've got a great background to start forging from; Welcome!

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