Michael Cochran

Hole punched in the wrong orientation

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just weld a handle to it in the proper orientation and make sure it is indexed properly. Also if your not doing it already hit your punch then rotate 180 degrees hit again and repeat. that way if your indexing is not spot on ot your hold is a tad wanky it will some what correct these small errors. {if your punch pulls to one side a little rotating will cause it to pull left the right then left then right.....those allowing you to punch thru to your mark)...... BTW I welded a handle on my first punch because i messed it up a bit. But eventually I realized it needed to be scraped and another one forged correctly. Here is the replacement. I realized also that many of my punches, drifts had to long of a tapper, I make them just long enough to get the job done. for example my 3/8 drift use to me 5" long for drifting 3/4" bar...... now its about 2 3/4" long. Its pretty hard to bend, break, maul my tools now because they are short and stocky instead of long and........vulnerable.20170323_195557.thumb.jpg.44011f674dad641b734dc93d0668497b.jpg


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