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23 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

Bad Papa (thwap) Bad Papa (thwap)!

Reminds me of all the years Dad worked with Mexicans, employees or work mates. He'd introduce himself to new guys then tell them everybody called him papa. The new guys invariably looked unsure until one of the older hands nodded it was okay. 

Dad was really surprised when I told him the way he pronounced papa translates as potato in Spanish. 

You have NO idea how hard it was to resist getting him a Mr. Potato Head for the shop. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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As long as he doesn't kidnap metallurgists and such while making stupid racist jokes from a steam powered wheelchair.

Should we let Artemis Gordon and James West know?

Also, keep an eye on his coal purchases, He may use steam to power the devilish contraption.

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Busy finishing up. Had help with a few of the tasks impossible to do by myself. 
just waiting on the big door and the concrete to cure so I can set the cranes. 
, I thank goodness to be almost complete with this. 




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Most lovely, almost makes up for that ugly white stuff laying about the place.

Ventilation?  In cold climes the temptation of having a nice warm shop through inadequate ventilation is strong!  Luckily when I lived in Ohio I never had a shop that wasn't already ventilated rather excessively...

Hmm I wonder if you could route make up air through a duct in the top barrel of a 2 barrel barrel stove?

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Finally time to post pics of completed (for now) shop addition. Both cranes installed. Table built. Plasma cutter moved in and all utilities finished. Shop sculpture installed.  Just need to heat for winter. 
definitely a blessing from God. 






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