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How can I save an image on a horse rasp?

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Hey guys,

It's been a little while since I've been on here but I have  questions. I have a half round horse rasp that I can see the letters A and R inside a picture of a horseshoe and underneath says made in U.S.A. I  was wondering who makes this horse rasp? Second question is how can I save this image because I want to forge a knife from it.

Thank you very much,




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It's used a lot in the heat treating process for blades. Products like ATP-641. Satanite or fireplace mortar in a pinch. 

AC forge, You could use anti-scale on it to forge, and acid etch it deeper later if need be. You may need to re-apply the anti scale a few times throughout the forging process depending on the product.

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Machinists are often wanting to avoid damage to their carefully worked surfaces and a number of different methods have been worked out to do so.

A search on anti scaling compound will yield a number of applicable results.

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