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High grit sand paper for finishing Damascus

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Finished a letter-opener with some scrap Damascus steel.  Well mostly finished still have to attach the purple heart wood handle.  I have taken it to a 1200 Grit finish and etched in a 5 to 1 mix of ferric chloride and water.  Just wondering how much different it will come out if I take it higher to say 2000 grit sand.  



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First, the letter opener looks pretty cool. Nice job. 

I have very limited experience with Damascus, but I have sanded quite a few knives. This is my experience: 1200 grit gives you a pretty nice finish, but go to 1500 then 2000 from there, and you literally have a mirror. I hope that's helpful. Someone with more experience with damascus should be along shortly. 

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Think I found the key in another post.  Guess I didn't look enough.  

1500 or 2k.  Etch, light sand, etch.  Rinse and repeat a few times.   

Did that with a last etch, followed with light 1500 grit sand and the patterns really jump out.  10xs better than before.  Well at least that's my opinion.  

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